The Rainbow Team
The Rainbow Team

Anees & Sisonke HEART FM 104.7

Head coach, Anees Abbas, and top goal scorer, Sisonke Lubelwana, talks about The Rainbow Team’s achievements Gothia Cup 2017.

CAPE TALK Kieno Kammies

Head coach, Anees Abbas, captain, Sihle Songanga and one of our new players for 2017, Aaron Isserow, talking about having the opportunity to be part of the Rainbow Team and the largest youth soccer tournament in the world.

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Pernilla – HEART FM 104.7

The founder, Pernilla Landstedt, giving a background story and her thoughts about the Rainbow Project, the build up towards the tournament and the actual happenings in Sweden.


Rainbow coaches, Anees Abbas and Waleed Abrahams, and captain, Sihle Songanga, & one of our new players for 2017, Zev Cohen, give their thoughts about being part of Rainbow Team and Gothia Cup.

Luka & Thato on ONE FM 94.0

Luka September and Thato Lucas talk about the Rainbow Team and their expectations going to Gothia Cup in Sweden.